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The SDMAC Foundation is set up as a 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) corporation organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. Its principal objectives are to promote a general awareness and understanding of the importance of a strong national defense, especially as it relates to the San Diego region, to support San Diego's active duty and retired military community through programs initiatives, educational outreach, and events. The SDMAC Foundation will also study key military issues affecting the quality of life and strength of our nation's defense and he impact on San Diego's military, civic, governmental and business community. The SDMAC/SDSU Military Student of the Year.

One of the first undertakings of the SDMAC Foundation is to raise funds to continue the Academic Scholarship that was awarded in SDMAC's name at the SDMAC 10th Anniversary Celebration event, by the President of San Diego State University, Dr. Elliot Hirshman. In order to achieve this goal, SDMAC has entered into an agreement with San Diego State University to award on annual basis, an Academic Scholarship to a deserving recent military veteran, titled the "SDMAC/SDSU Military Student of the Year", valued at approximately $15,000. This will be the single largest military related scholarship at SDSU, and will serve to provide the necessary funds for the awardee to complete their degree at SDSU without incurring significant debt. You may help support this scholarship effort by making a tax deductible donation to the SDMAC Foundation by entering an amount below. You may help support this scholarship effort by making a tax deductible donation as noted above, Our EIN is: 81-0823681. The SDMAC Foundation thanks you for your support of this worthy cause.

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