July Legislative Updates

As the California State Legislature goes on summer recess, we reflect on our policy work at the state level. July 14, 2023, marked the last day for policy committees to hear bills before referring them to Appropriations. We supported six bills that passed the House of Origin deadline in June. Now, we are down to three. However, the fight is not over, and SDMAC continues advocating for military communities across California. Please read below to learn more about what bills did or did not make it through and how to get involved.

Despite not making it through the policy committee, SB 811 created enough pressure to change the California Education Code through the State Budget. Section 33 of budget bill SB 116 adds a new section that guarantees teacher licenses for military spouses and domestic partners relocating to California. Meanwhile, SB 811 has been turned into a two-year bill, as the State wants to see the new compact’s rules. By becoming a two-year bill, SB 811 will automatically be passed through next year’s California Senate and then be considered again by the Assembly in the summer. There is concern that the State will not join the compact next summer, citing its lack of involvement in the rule-making process despite being offered the opportunity now. Continue pressuring your representatives to remind them of the importance of SB 811 for not only our military community but all of California as we witness a teacher shortage.

The State hesitates to join the compacts, as seen through the lack of a policy committee hearing for AB 1328. Like SB 811, AB 1328 would have guaranteed licensure portability in the cosmetology field for state residents that are a part of the compact. Although the State is hesitant, compacts would provide licensure portability across states for military communities within California and nationwide. We will continue advocating for licensure portability for all military spouses.

The final bill, which did not pass the July 14th deadline, was SB 726, which increased the disabled veteran property tax exclusion. The bill was taken off the Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee agenda, and the reasoning is still being determined. The committee heard Senator Seyartos’s bill, SB 82, which focuses on streamlining the process of receiving the current disabled veteran property tax exclusion rather than increasing the tax exclusion. Disabled veterans deserve more from California, and we will continue to advocate.

 A considerable win came with the passage of three bills to the Appropriation Committees. The committee has heard one bill placed in the suspense file until after the recess, while the remaining two bills await a hearing. Following the summer recess, on August 14th, the legislature will re-convene, and bills will have until September 1st to be heard by fiscal committees in each chamber. Thus, pressure must be shifted to the Appropriation committees on the three bills we continue supporting: AB-46, AB-444, and AB-718. If you have already submitted a digital note on behalf of these bills, please use the action page to send a new message to the heads of the fiscal committees and your district representatives.

Thank you for your continued support for our San Diego and California military communities. Your submission of digital notes supporting important policies made a clear impact, as seen through the three bills continuing. As the bills in the State continue to narrow, we turn our attention now to federal policies impacting military communities. Stay tuned for updates on what federal bills SDMAC is researching, monitoring, and supporting.